The ArrivalKerry Bobcat's operation consiste of a complimentary group of machines from the Versatile BobCat to the large 892D from John Deere.  All in all this makes Kerry's work more efficient and more efficiency means less cost for the client.  It is by the expert use and full certifications that makes this company one of the most competitive in the Oceanside area.  Give us a call or contact us directly on our webiste!  We will not disappoint you!

John Deere 892DThis is the biggest of the machines owned by Kerry BobCat.  It serves as the main excavation machine for the bigger contracts.  Roadbuilding, residential excavations, rock breaking and many more applications.  This machine can make a project seem effortless!  The John Deere 892D is one of the most versatile large excavators out there!

Hitachi EX60Sometimes a smaller machine will do the job and we have the right one!  It is the Hitachi EX60 and extremely versatile.  Where large machines have no access and where time and money are of the essence, this medium sized excavator is the right one for the job.  We save our clients time and money by using the Hitachi where other machines are not needed.  We make the right choice for you!

TruckOne very important capability on most 'excavating' tasks is the ability to move things around!  The machines have to get to the job site, the excess materials moved out and product to be brought in, are just a few samples of why a dump truck is so necessary.  Our ability to transport machines and materials is a vital part of our operation.  It allows to be timely and efficient on any job we are asked to do. 

The BobCat 220SThe inimitable BOBCAT...  what more can a person say about this machine!  The BobCat was the first machine that was operated by Kerry and the nickname 'KerryBobCat' was imposed on Kerry and it has 'stuck' to this day.  In fact, the expertise that has been developed over the years leaves Kerry in a class of his own when operationg the 220S...  His work is fast and furious and this gives real value to his clients!  Give him a call to see for yourself!

Rock Breaking AttachementHaving the right tool for the job is a necessity for today's demanding contracts.  We have a full complement of attachments that we frequently use on job sites.  In the Oceanside area, there is a large amount of solid rock!  This kind of rock creates challenges for the excavation crew and the right tool has to be available.  We have several options including a heavy duty rock breaker and a more precise one for the smaller jobs.  This ability to use the best tools for the job is a vital part of our operation.

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