Compressing the Base LayerIn an around Parksville and Nanoose including French Creek and Qualicum collectively known as Oceanside, there are an abundance of oceanfront homes.  The ocean can be a real challenge in the winter months as the surf crashes onto the shoreline and sometimes threatening the homes with erosive effects.  In order to mitigate this, it is often a good plan to create a defensive sea wall.  This is often done by bring large natural rock to the properties and laying them onto the existing beach material and sometime creating a concrete barrier to contain the structure.  This gallery shows some of the method used to create a good solid sea wall defense for the properties around oceanside.{imageshow sl=8 sc=8 /}

Here are a few more pictures that show the quality work done on Sea Walls.  Please feel free to contact Kerry if you are interested in a similar kind of work.

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