Machines deliverd to JobsiteIt is a given that machines are an integral part of excavation projects.  What is important is to have the right machine available for each particular application.  Is it a Bob Cat, an Excavator, a Back Hoe and a delivery box truck?  What excavation and land clearing needs is a compatible combination of each of these machines?  Kerry BobCat can provide the right machine for the job -- and that saves you money!  Each machine has its basic running costs and the client doesn't need a machine that is 'overkill' for any particular excavation project.  No!  What the client needs is an efficient, cost effective and well thought out alternative.  This is something that Kerry can provide for any large or small excavation contract.  Give Kerry a call at 250.268.7970 and he will come and plan the job with you in order to provide optimal services.{imageshow sl=12 sc=8 /}

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